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Sport promotes tolerance, mutual understanding and peace. It contributes to social integration and equality. It empowers women, girls and people with special needs.

The diplomatic community in Rabat wishes to show a strong symbol of peace and unity by organizing a 10km race in Rabat as part of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace proclaimed by the United Nations in 2013.

Each person taking part in this event, running or simply being a spectator, wearing the white T-shirt, colour of peace, will be an ambassador of tolerance by showing that, more than ever, humanity needs solidarity.

All the proceeds of the event will be donated to the solidarity actions of the Diplomatic Circle in Marocco promoting the integration of underprivileged children and women through sport.

Your presence is essential!

  • Warm-up will start from 8:00. As in previous years, the start will be given at the Place de la Poste.
  • The start of the 10km will be given at 8:30 am.
  • The 5km will start at 8:35 am.
  • The start of the children’s race will be given at 8:40 am.

The events are open to licensed and unlicensed participants, but are subject to age limits:

  • The 10km is open to runners born before 2005.
  • The 5km is open to runners born before 2008.
  • The children’s race is open to runners born between 2014 and 2008 (and up to 18 years old for children with special needs). No children under 6 years old are allowed to participate.

Children with special needs should be accompanied by an adult who must also wear a race number. The only adults allowed to take part in the children’s race are those accompanying children with special needs.

Parents must proceed with the registration of minors. (Do not forget to tick the box relating to parental authorisation). Runners participate in the competition under their own and exclusive responsibility, respectively under the own and exclusive responsibility of their parents in the case of runners under 18 years of age.

Online registration will be available on the website: www.10kmpourlapaix.com. Race numbers can be collected in the GO SPORT Maroc and COURIR Agdal stores.

Registration and simultaneous collection of the running kit (bib and t-shirt) will take place in GO Sport Casablanca (Anfa Place / Morocco Mall), GO Sport Socco Alto Tangier, GO Sport Menara Mall Marrakech. GO Sport Riyad Square Rabat and Courir Rabat (Boulevard Fal Ould Oumeir Agdal).

Group registration is possible for people wishing to register a team of several runners.  Contact: info@10kmpourlapaix.com

Identification will be requested at registration.

A parental authorization will have to be filled in for runners under the age of 18.

Registrations may be closed without notice as soon as the organizers deem it necessary for any security or organizational reasons. Entries will be definitively closed when the maximum number of entries (4000 in total) is reached.

There will be no registrations or withdrawal of race numbers on the day of the race.

When you register, you automatically give your agreement with the general conditions.

Race numbers will not be sent out.

  • Children’s race: 50 DIRHAMS
  • Adult accompanying children with special needs: 50 DIRHAMS
  • 5km race: 100 DIRHAMS
  • 10Km race: 100 DIRHAMS

Each participant is given a race number and a T-shirt in the colours of the race (white for 10 km and the children’s race, green for 5 km).

All the proceeds will be donated to charities supported by the Diplomatic Circle, notably to Moroccan associations allowing access to sport for the most underprivileged children and vulnerable populations.

Your registration includes:

  • Participation in the race with access to the starting gate
  • Recording of the timed performance (for 10km and 5km)
  • Your race number
  • A t-shirt in the colours of the race (white for the 10km and children’s race and green for the 5km)

For those who finish the race:

  • A finisher runner’s bag
  • A medal

The team leader can contact the organisers by e-mail: info@10kmpourlapaix.com  to facilitate the submission of all the completed registration forms for all the riders of the institution and the group handing over of all the race kits at the same time.

Do you think your company might be interested? Contact us for more information. Contact: info@10kmpourlapaix.com

Registration is the same as for the 10km and 5km. You only need to choose the desired race when registering.


Online registration and then collection in the shops or registration and simultaneous collection of the race kit (bib and t-shirt) in the shops:

GO Sport Casablanca (Anfa Place / Morocco Mall), GO Sport Socco Alto Tangier, GO Sport Menara Mall Marrakech. GO Sport Riyad Square Rabat and Courir Rabat (Boulevard Fal Ould Oumeir Agdal).


Collections will be possible from 19 March 2020.


  • You are not yet registered: You register on 10kmpourlapaix.com or directly in the stores GoSport Morocco or Courir Agdal.
  • You are a minor: You must register through a parent/teacher, who must complete a parental authorization.

On the day of the race, your race number must be visible on the chest (using pins provided by the organization) and throughout the race. It must not be masked or altered. Anyone not wearing a bib will be excluded from the event.

Warning: no race number will be sent by post and there will be no registration or withdrawal of race number on the day of the race.

The presentation of a medical certificate is not mandatory. It is up to the athlete to decide for himself how he deals with the information he has received during a medical examination. We strongly advise those who are looking for performance and who wish to practice high intensity sport to have an annual check-up with a doctor (sports or general practitioner). The organiser declines all responsibility in this respect.

The organiser recommends that you only make considerable efforts, if you are physically well prepared. Make wise choices about the distance you want to achieve and/or the pace you want to impose on your body.

Yo will find water at km 5.

Your results will be accessible on www.racetimer.se, and on the web site of the run www.10kmpourlapaix.com

All 10km and 5km registrants will be given a race number with an electronic chip that will be automatically initialized at the start line and will serve as a race regularity check at various points along the course.

No, cloak rooms will not be available.

No, storage for luggage will not be provided.

Yes, there will be toilets close to the arrival zone of the children’s race.

With pleasure! Join our volunteers and participate with us in the smooth running of this event. For more information, please contact us at the following address: info@10kmpourlapaix.com

By registering, the participant agrees to the following terms and conditions:

All registrations are personal and final, and cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever.

No transfer of registration is allowed for any reason whatsoever. Any person forwarding their race number to a third party will be held responsible in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the latter during the event. Any person with a number acquired in violation of these rules may be disqualified.

The organizer declines all responsibility in the event of an accident related to this type of situation.

The race number must be worn on the chest during the whole race and must be fully legible and visible under penalty of disqualification.

It is the responsibility of the participants to insure themselves personally.  The organisers decline all responsibility in the event of an accident or disability resulting from a poor state of health. The runners participate in the competition under their own and exclusive responsibility, respectively under the own and exclusive responsibility of their parents in case of runners under 18 years old.

The organizer and the members of the organizing committee decline all responsibility in case of damage (theft, breakage, loss, …) to the participants’ personal belongings, even if they are in their custody. Participants will not be able to claim against the organizer for any damage caused to their equipment. It is the responsibility of the runners to sign an insurance covering these risks.

The participants, accompanying persons and the public authorize partners and media to use the still or audiovisual images free of charge on which they could appear, taken during the events and animations set up within the framework of the 10KM, 5km and children’s race and for the longest duration provided for by the law and treaties in force.

By registering for the 10KM for Peace, the participant undertakes to respect the environment and the spaces crossed. It is strictly forbidden to throw or leave rubbish on the public pathways and in general on the entire course. Participants must keep waste and packaging and use the bins and places indicated by the organization to dispose of them.

In the case of cancellation of the event due to a reason not directly related to the organization itself or caused by force majeure, the organizer will not refund the price of the race numbers. The proceeds will be directly paid to the charities chosen by the Diplomatic Circle.

The rules and regulations are available on our web site: www.10kmpourlapaix.com

Run, support, collect! Everyone can help to realize to support this initiative that carries a message of peace.

You can be a partner, offer in kind an essential service to the race or get as many runners as possible to participate (contact the organizers for more information: info@10kmpourlapaix.com ).